Terms of tracking the User's activity on the website

Notification of the use of cookie

Our website, like most others, uses cookies and other similar technologies (web-beacons, pixel tags etc.), to provide services that are best suited to your needs, as well as to compile statistics to analyze and improve our services and websites.

The present notification on the use of cookies (hereinafter referred to as the — «Notification») is part of the Privacy Policy.

While using the website, you confirm your consent to use cookies and other similar technologies in accordance with the present Notification.

If you disagree with our usage of such files, you shall configure your browser setting accordingly or not to use our website (more details in the section «How to manage cookies»).

What do cookies and other similar technologies mean

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, smartphone or other device, which you use to visit website.

Some of the visited web pages ma also gather information, using pixel tags and web-beacons, consisting electronic images called «one-pixel» (1×1) or empty GIF-images.

Cookies may be stored on your device by us («own» cookies) or by other operators (third parties' cookies).

We use two types of cookies on our website: «cookie-sessions» and «permanent cookies». Cookie-sessions are temporary files that remain on your devices until you leave the website. Permanent cookies remain on your device during a considerable period of time or until you manually delete them (the period for cookies to be stored on your device depends on duration or «life cycle» of a particular file or the configuration of your browser settings).

On the basis of these files the information is being gathered that helps to evaluate the effectiveness of our services and website and then improve them. For example, for us to know when you visit our website, how you use it, how you use mailing services and other content, to remember your preferences, to provide you with the best safe service while online-transactions etc.

The information being gather due to such files and technologies is aggregated and does not relate to the identification of particular users.

However, on your purchasing of our services and foods, we may use the data provided by you combined with the information obtained due to cookies and similar technologies for us to analyze how you use our website and then, for us to improve it. Such data processing is being carried by us in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Cookie types that may be used on our website

Obligatory cookies.
Such cookies allow you to visit websites and use their functionality. Their shutdown will impede normal performance of websites, disabling their functions and services.
Cookies related to performance, effectiveness and analytics.
These files help us to understand how users interact with our website, showing problems in its working (for example, error messages), help to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and optimize them for our users.
Functional cookies.
They help to remember individual preferences of our website users and customize the contents of the website.
Advertising cookies.
They are used to deliver the targeted advertising and help us to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. We may share these files with corresponding advertising systems and platforms where our advertising campaigns are placed.
We also may use technologies that allow us to track you e-mail activities, as whether you have opened, read or redirected certain mails sent by us to your e-mail. It is required to make our communication means more useful for our users. If you do not want us to know this information, you shall terminate your subscription via linking to «Unsubscribe» below a corresponding e-subscription.
Social network access button.
They are used for the users to be able to share a link in their social networks or make a electronic bookmark. These buttons are the links to websites of social networks owned by third parties which in turn may record information on your online activity, our website included. Please, know more about corresponding terms of use and privacy policy of such websites to better understand how they use your data as well as how to renounce the use your data from their part or how to delete your data.
Third parties' web-services.
Sometimes, on the website we use third parties' web-services. For instance, to display certain elements (images, videos, presentation etc.), surveys, payments for goods and services via payment systems etc. As with the access buttons to social networks, we cannot keep such websites or external domains from gathering the information on how you use the contents of the website.

Changes of the terms of use of cookies

At our discretion, we may periodically introduce changes into the present Notification.

All changes made to the Notification shall come into force from the date of their publishing on the website. Your use of our website having the changes been made, means that you agree and accept the revised Notification.

The date of the last update as well as previous versions are mentioned at the beginning of the present Notification.

The Operator advises the Users to periodically re-read the present Notification to know all updated information.