A sophisticated sound powered by science.
Copra® is a groundbreaking tool in the world of sound architecture. Due to a precise, natural and detailed sound stage, you will enter into a brand new music reality.
One step forward to the concept through an idea– 13 years, from concept to product– 2 years
Starting in 2003, guided by two simple ideas, one of which constituted the basis for the project of the ion acoustic system. It took 12 years to design a comprehensive prototype, having carried out a number of researches and developments, however, a plain physical issue became the formidable challenge for introducing the product to the market. It's a wonderful story told by a young physicist being full of dreams, which turned out to be a supreme experience in the fields of physics, acoustics, electronics, design, technologies and patent law.
Meanwhile an idea of a unique acoustics architecture has emerged, which implied the use of coconut shell and polymer concrete: this how the Copra ® was founded, resembling the botanical coconut core naming. At that moment, all the experience and eagerness were focused on its implementation. Such a long way provided us with an opportunity to choose a sophisticated and comprehensively elaborated physical acoustics of high accuracy capable of delivering high-quality sound within a wide variety of environments, while simulating the intensity of binaural effects.
Coconut shell is just amazing as it is quite robust and lightweight. Millions of years of evolution have done the trick. We are the pioneers who did appreciate it.
The sounds are different by their nature, thus, the system elements should be adjusted accordingly.
Real sound sources have different nature and dimensions, reproducing the same diversity of sound vibrations with a wavelength of 17mm to 17m, making a difference due to their properties.

Within the Hydra тм acoustic system we have released distinct sounds exceeding the scope of an amplifier or acoustics' case. Be sure, you will have no other opportunity to experience such a sound anywhere else, and the exterior design does speak volumes.
The conditions of audio playback are as diverse as musical tastes and perception features.
Hydra тм is a cutting edge solution to resound your ambient with a pronounced music energy.

Copra® is first-of-its-kind acoustic system that generates a high-quality diffuse sound flied; the system is dynamic, physically changeable and the first one equipped with the housing made of two completely different materials - polymer-impregnated concrete and coconut shell endocarp.
Dynamic acoustics – create your own flow of sound within the premises, preserving a highly precise academic sound.


We are the genuine perfectionists who follow and use the approaches and components kit at the military and medical devices' levels.
EE endocarp ™ enclosure
Coconut shell is uniquely robust, lightweight and greatly damped due to micropores and longitudinal fibers. Simply put, it does not generate any side-tones even at the extremely high signal power.

Separately worth noting the great shape, dimension ratio and unique internal cell structure, which is starting to get material engineers' attention. Although there is a wide range of kinds, only 1% can be considered to be suitable. It is only the first of 5 stages of a complex technological process of selecting and processing, providing excellent product quality.

Protected by patents (use of coconut endocarp for acoustics):
UA89355, US10219070, UA204029, US5225404
CS concrete sub ™
Due to the ovaloid concrete housing, the acoustic system demonstrates the best acoustic features within the spectrum arranged from low frequency — it does not produce any distortions nor vibrations with the lowest mass/dimension rate. It helped to implement a heavy-duty loudspeaker with a maximum oscillation amplitude up to 6 cm, capable to provide an amplitude of 18 Hz. However, for the sound not to lose its dynamics, we use two low frequency loudspeakers — «low bass » and «upper bass» frequencies, while the precision and quality are preserved as the housing is closed. This is an all-or-none decision, which embodies cutting-edge technologies for loudspeakers and amplifiers.

Protected by patents (speaker design):
UA37904, Hague application UA & PCT application
DSF diffuse sound field
Specially design of the system construction creates the most uniform and extensive sound field, revealing the full web of the sound as well as fidelity of musical reflections.

Protected by patents (speaker design):
UA37904, Hague application UA & PCT application
Hi –DSP hi-density spectral power
While designing our systems, we use the best loudspeakers produced by the companies that keep on sophisticating their technologies. Besides, the 4-spectrum musical range halved the working frequency range. From now on, the loudspeakers are empowered with a vast energy reserve, which enables to minimize the intermodulation even at marginal capacity that literally also has doubled.
5-D DS 5-D displacement source
In some cases, the loudspeakers' array is fixed on the high-quality flexible holders, which, on one hand, enables to change their location and orientation with ease, and, on the other hand, it ensures a rigid spatial fixation, keeping a static position even at extreme volume levels.

Protected by patents (speaker design):
UA37904, Hague application UA & PCT application
ODSR omni direct sound radiation
An incredible diversity of perception effects as well as the possibility to configure music stages' parameters are provided by change in direction of mid-range loudspeakers, through modification of wave surface and a number of options for reflection arrangement.

Protected by patents (speaker design):
UA37904, Hague application UA & PCT application

Amplifier technologies

Extra PVE power | voltage | energy
The concept of a digital amplifier is far to be innovative, however, the technologies are being developed, providing the most sophisticated solutions. We implement these improvements, backing them up with an uncompromising classic approach specific to design of medical and military devices – going through details of each system element or node with the use of the best components.

    • The acoustic system comprises of high power loudspeakers enclosed in housings. They are energy-consuming, however, the power block does cover such needs by delivering up to 8 kW. Such a power block does not require stabilization that drastically increases the sound quality.
    • We use the highest levels of input voltage that provide the maximum signal amplitude up to 180 V – this is the key to lowest possible sound distortion plus the maximum dynamic range up to 128 dB.
    • To ensure the system with the necessary pulse energy we use an expanded array of high-voltage capacitors with total energy more than 150 J that is matched by four hundred of high-quality WIMA capacitors with resistance in thousandths of an ohm both in power-supply or filtration circuits on each of eight amplifiers.

      Patented (Design): UA38150, Hague application
QA quadro-amping ™
Since each of four acoustic reproduction ranges is connected to a particular amplifier, we took advantage of it — for low frequency spectrum we provided a pulse current up to 500 А, for high frequency — a wave carrier (more than 1 MHz), while keeping all the loudspeakers aligned. This is an uncompromising solution, which is required to maintain a high/quality and reliable system performance.
EDC extreme driver control
A "loudspeaker – amplifier" direct connection excludes such an intermediate link as passive filter, which, combined with a profound feedback coupling, provides for the highest level of the loudspeaker membrane monitoring.

A particularly important element that determines the quality and balance of sound, is an electronic filter based on high quality and low-noise operating amplifiers, while its inclusion topology does not produce any phase distortion. For signal circuit only the premium capacitors ELNA are being used.
Four ranges, eight amplifiers – an unprecedented control. Each of the amplifiers is connected to the dynamics, providing flawless precision and balanced sound
To connect the acoustic to the amplifier the military connectors with 50 silver-plate contact points are used, each of which has resistance not exceeding 0,001 Ohm and working range up to 3 MHz.
Duplication of contact points provides for extremely low resistance and the maximum contact stability and reliability. The sonic wire is a premium Italian wire made of highly pure copper with 16 strands (1,5 mm2 each).
Participation effect, micro dynamics, lightning strikes or a concert right in front of you – the one and only acoustic for every occasion and mood.
acoustic sound of copra
copra acoustic systems
Technical specifications
Weight of the acoustics
Lower part diameter
Dimensions of the amplifier
The amplifier and acoustics are made as a comprehensive and calibrated system, whichis results impossible to operate separately.
Capacity (acoustics /amplifier)
2х700 W /2х1200 W
1 kHz/90 dB/1 m : <0,1%/<0,001%
Range (acoustics/amplifier)
18 Hz-40 kHz/10-100 kHz
Dimensions of the acoustics
Weight of the amplifier
copra music system
copra sound system
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